Our WHEN Health™ Programs are designed for both individuals and corporate groups. All of our WHEN Health Advisors® have an open mind, a passion for helping people, a belief that the body and the spirit have an innate ability to heal, and emphasize that the power to educate your body lies within. We take an individualized approach to educating and working with each person to support the individual and help them achieve the results they want. WHEN® respects your privacy and takes reasonable safeguards to ensure your privacy is maintained.  All of our WHEN Health Advisors® are Naturopathic Physicians with a degree from an accredited naturopathic college.


WHEN Health Advisors®

Our Advisors take a Teach and Nurture approach. They are naturopathic doctors that take time to explore the healthy situation, answer questions and empower members to get involved in their own When Way of Life® and healthy process. Their knowledge and comprehension of standard naturopathic practices promotes overall health and wellness by encouraging participants to follow a healthy lifestyle, using principles such as: “Food as medicine” and “We are only as healthy as our body’s ability to eliminate toxins” and help to make sure that the body, mind and spirit are connected.