A Unique Approach To Helping
People And Companies.

At WHEN® we combine Career, Being, and Health advisory services to provide a more holistic and effective solution. All of our Find Your When® Programs have the power to help you achieve the kind of happiness, peace, satisfaction, purpose and personal fulfillment that you are searching for in your life.

Every WHEN Advisor® is uniquely trained in their specific fields of expertise and have years of experience, certifications, and degrees that align with our professional services. They can help identify obstacles that are stopping you from pursuing a successful, meaningful, and healthful life. WHEN Advisors® are also cross trained to identify personal challenges and key areas of improvement that will have the greatest impact on improving your life. Personal sessions are conducted on an innovative online or mobile platform, allowing you to stay in direct contact with your MyWHEN®, anytime or anywhere.











The Guidance To Get You Where You Want To Be.

Our dedicated Team of Advisors will walk you through a methodical process and protocol to help get you where you want to be in life. We assign our professionally trained Advisors from our exclusive network that are best suited for your needs and can guide you 1-1 to develop effective action plans. Your WHEN Advisor® will have a clear vision of how to put you on the right path and help you get from point A to point B, and then keep you on the path that will generate the best results.

These are real life interactions that will provide you with meaningful feedback that you can use daily:

  • Professionally trained top-tier WHEN Advisors® support members across all personal growth disciplines
  • WHEN Advisors® engage in professional 1-1 advisory services via distance and in person contact based on your discipline, using our Find Your When®  Methodology
  • WHEN Advisors® utilize the MyWHEN® online technology platform to successfully log and track their member’s process while maintaining member relations
  • WHEN Advisors® build client relationships throughout the advisory process via touch points, positive feedback, client check-ins and guidance through solving challenges and obstacles
  • Individualized attention and comprehensive 1-1 WHEN® Programs promote effective life changes
  • WHEN Advisors® instill a WHEN Way of Life® philosophy to enhance and better your life
  • WHEN Advisors® stay up to date on current events, changes in the industry, and innovations.
  • WHEN Advisors®  identify areas of improvement in another WHEN® discipline and refer as necessary

We offer a unique single source web platform that organizes professional career, health, and overall personal development services (Being). We have developed a holistic approach to ensure the greatest chance for your personal success.

How Our Online Program Works

The Find Your When® Programs are tailored to achieve a variety of career, health and self-improvement goals. We offer a full year of membership and give you the luxury of choosing between 30, 60 or 120 minutes of comprehensive and 1-1 guided advisory sessions, online or by phone, whichever works best for you. With My WHEN®, we also assure a high level of personalization by connecting you with a professional advisor that is most suited for you and your needs. And with WHEN® your privacy is always safeguarded as you provide the information that you choose to share.


We Are With You When You Need Us Anywhere You Go!

At WHEN® we know that work, family life and everyday commitments can affect your time and get in the way of helping yourself. That’s why we offer everyone that participates in our programs the ability to easily connect with their MyWHEN® anytime, anyplace and at your convenience through your mobile devices.