Nancy Friedman, PSY.D.

Chief Being Officer (CBO)

Dr. Friedman has a passion for educating people and promoting an integrated model of wholeness that incorporates the entire realm of being.

As Chief Being Officer overseeing the WHEN® Being discipline, Dr. Friedman brings passion to her work. Having helped many people change their lives, she knows that all of us can learn to make our lives better, regardless of the challenges we face. She understands how to help each person access his or her inner guidance and find ways of tapping into their in-born wisdom to really know what is right for them. She believes that through the WHEN® professional advisory protocol, people will be able to make more enlightened choices and develop the tools they need to choose, create, and maintain the life they most desire.

Dr. Friedman, a Clinical Psychologist, has completed specialized training to become a Certified Embodied Imagination Practitioner and continues to pursue advanced levels of Dream Teacher Training. In addition, she has received training in mindfulness, HeartMath self-regulation and heart empowerment system, and crisis intervention techniques. Through this blend of education, training and life experiences, she has created an effective approach to guiding others to achieve well-being and enhanced meaning in their lives.

What does Find Your WHEN® mean to you?

“I believe we each have the ability to create happiness and wholeness within ourselves and to live meaningful, purposeful lives. My WHEN® lies in awakening this knowledge and wisdom in others.”