Randy M. Miller

Founder and Chief WHEN Officer™(CWO)

Randy has a passion for assisting and empowering others, displaying genuine care and compassion, placing family first, keenly observing the world around him, and changing the norm. He is on a mission to passionately and professionally honor these WHEN® disciplines to meaningfully transform people’s lives daily. He honors the When Way of Life.®

In 2017, Randy Miller will launch WHEN® as the preeminent destination in the personal growth industry and wellness sector. The innovative user-engaging platform will allow people to genuinely stop for the WHEN® speed bump in front of them, learn more about themselves, benefit, grow on a daily basis, and ultimately Find their WHEN® in today’s busy times. Randy believes, WHEN the nationwide Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index poll statistics reflect higher levels of career productivity and social satisfaction among Americans, we will have ‘formally’ achieved what these iconic WHEN® phrases and powerful words are meant to do – help countless individuals achieve happier and more productive lives.

As Chief When Officer (CWO), Randy is the founder and officer responsible for the overall WHEN® experiences of the entire organization. This balanced, mindful executive is ultimately responsible for the vision, mission, and strategy behind the Find Your When® philosophy. He assists with the actual user interface design and delivery of the company’s products and services. He further oversees all branding efforts, marketing communications, investor and sponsor relations, and internal team collaborations across all three WHEN® disciplines. Additionally, the CWO is empowered to invoke various actions that support the overall WHEN® vision and When Way of Life® influences and the interactions between the organization and its various audiences.

Awards, Certifications, and/or Professional Accomplishments:

  • Established entrepreneur with successful start-ups and exits
  • Recognized and respected pioneer in the field of distance career counseling, coaching, and professional training
  • Proven ability to build organizations under complex, dynamic conditions
  • Creative, strategic thinker with functional expertise in strategic planning, organizational development, sales, marketing, and career development
  • Author and Co-Editor of several publications; books, articles, and training credentialed manuals
  • Renowned and dynamic speaker; television appearances, business conferences, professional association conventions, and college and university discussion panels
  • Bachelor of Science, Marketing, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

What does Find Your WHEN® mean to you?

“Making life better for human beings. Daily.”
“We know about the how, what, and why. It’s time for WHEN.”